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  • Yes, we accept crypto (BTC, ETH,XMR and many more via different payment gateways)!
  • Yes, we accept VISA/MasterCard (via!
  • Yes, all our VDS instant activation!
  • Yes, all our VDS have hi-end CPU and NVME-drives!
  • Yes, all our VDS under FULL virtualization (QEMU/KVM mode)!
  • Yes, we can prepare and run ANY hardware configuration of dedicated servers (and yes -- on dedicated server order page we have only instant activation servers)!
  • Yes, we can prepare and run software like WWW/TOR/application node/other service as you need by request!
  • Yes, we support crypto and anonymous projects!
  • Yes, we support open-source projects and have fastest LOCAL mirror form many of him!
  • Yes, we don't accept any SCAM/crime activities!
  • Yes, we can fully support your server(s)/project(s) by our sysadmin on 24/7 basis!
  • Yes, we don't resell anything! We operate on our own DataCenter's in Ukraine, Vinnytsia!
  • Yes, we can more, than we write here!

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Phone numbers:
+380432605055 (tech-support 24x7)
+380432605070 (account and billing manager)
+380432660600 (sales manager)

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